MotoGP champion Marc Marquez wants to race in India

Marc Marquez, twice MotoGP world champion and the youngest to do so, would love to race and promote the global premier motorcycle racing event in India.

“Yes of course we would like to come some day to India because I know that in that part of the world also MotoGP is really big and it is really important for the manufacturers because they sell a lot of bikes there,” Marquez said.

The 21-year-old says it would be a nice idea to even invite fans to some of the races in the MotoGP calendar.

“Someday we must come there with some project. If Dorna (rights holder of the racing event) says or MotoGP says we must go to show our bikes to fans in India, why not? Maybe someday we can go there to meet them or we can even invite some people to see some of the MotoGP races,” he added.

With the Marquez household still celebrating of having two world champions in the same year as his brother Alex also claimed the title in Moto3 category on the final race of the season here on Sunday, he says the prospect of siblings racing together is a nice idea.

“It will be nice to ride together in the near future (with Alex) because that experience was very, very nice when I was with him,” Marquez said referring to the testing done on MotoGP bike with his younger brother a day after this year’s final race was held.

When asked if he would like his younger brother in the same team, he said: “We would like to compete in the same category. It would be really nice to race for the same team but you really don’t know.”

Ruling out possibly of sibling rivalry splitting the family, he quipped the brothers would live in the “same house” in future but when it comes to teaching secrets of riding, for now it’s “yes but in few years I don’t know”.

On his part, younger brother Alex said having a brother like Marc had made it easier to break into the highly competitive motorcycle racing.

“It’s easier for me thanks to him (Marc), I try to learn from him,” Alex said.

The Honda Repsol rider Marquez also played down his record breaking feat of eclipsing Australian Mick Doohan’s record of 12 race wins in a season, set in 1997.

Marquez, who started riding when he was a four-year-old said it’s good to start young as “you have more time to learn and gain experience but not as a 4 year-old baby, it’s is too young, you start at 7-8 it’s not a problem”.

Marquez said Valentino Rossi, who came second this year, said next year he expected his childhood idol to be among his main rivals along with teammate Dani Pedrosa and another Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo, who rides for Yamaha.

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